Innovating for the Future

Delivering great products to market

Solutions And Challenges

In many ways, innovation equates to survival in today’s market. Your customers want better, faster, smarter products with increased capabilities – and they want them without delay. The obstacles to successful innovation lie in managing the increasing complexity of product development while keeping pace with the rate of change. The challenges of complexity and pace make it difficult to capture, define and verify

What’s Possible

At Perfect Squares, we believe anything is possible. But what does that mean in a world where every major firm states this? We believe the great innovation of today is not only creating the needs of tomorrow, but engineering the concepts and products to meet them. We have all had that moment while interacting with a new product or technology and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that.” At Perfect Squares, not only are we constantly thinking of these concepts, we are designing and building them!


To penetrate new markets, improve customer satisfaction, grow brand equity and increase overall revenue, you must deliver the most innovative new products before your competition. To achieve this, your product development teams need market visibility and an ability to quickly respond to changing requirements. Moreover, the confidence to collaborate in a secure setting and safeguard your best ideas provides the fuel for innovation. By being first to market with innovative products, you’ll be able to penetrate new markets, delight customers and drive new growth opportunities. At Perfect Squares, we strive to succeed at all the above.

Process Improvement Opportunities

The most successful companies accelerate product innovation by transforming Management, Supply Chain and Manufacturing, Hardware and Software Engineering, and Sales and Service. Perfect Squares accomplishes this through innovative drive, passion, and strategic objectives.


Monitoring your loved one's health, Providing peace of mind and comfort with FirstWearable™ products: "ThermoBand™", "ThermoStrip™", "BreathBand™, "FallBand™", "ActivBand™"

Optical Devices

Optical tools development by Perfect Squares using new technology, smart Sensors, Bluetooth, pattern recognition and mobile application: "eyeCoach", "Blue2UV", "PALeyeD", OpticalCalc", ...

Diagnostic & Monitor system

"eCare" is the invention relate to system with local/remote monitoring and diagnostic stations. This system allow to prediction of health condition and cares need based on regular measurement of physiological ...