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We are connected in every aspect of our lives. We believe ThermoBand provides a needed evolution in temperature monitoring technology that will fit very strongly in the market place of smart phones and constant connectivity. .
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We are diligently working to bring to millions of consumers as well as health care facilities. We believe in our products' abilities to improve peace of mind and comfort among families and loved ones.


ThermoBand - Monitors core body temperature to notify caregivers and family members, via Bluetooth™-compatible device, of changes so appropriate action can be taken, when needed.

Envolved Peace of Mind:

  • A smart thermometer that will greatly improve peace of mind, safety, and comfort of not only the patient, but the patient's loved ones.
  • is a line of patented, activity monitoring devices that relays vital health-related information to caregivers and vested individuals about the wearer's current and potential condition.
  • not only helps provide better care to its users but can also reduce the economic costs related to health care and illness.
  • Allows parent to monitor their child without constant waking in the middle of the night.
  • Monitor core body temperature change and notify parent, caregivers any mobile and smartphone anytime, anywhere.


ThermoBand™ can be utilized in hospital care and data monitoring

Senior Care

ThermoBank™ can be utilized to monitor elderly in senior living care facility or in situations of assisted care.

Child Active

ThermoBand™ We have developed a 3-Axis accelerometer data activity monitor that can capture and store activity at a fraction of the cost of current devices on the market.

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